Artificial Lawn

Dennis Murphy | 03/03/15

Putting in your own backyard on an artificial golf green is lots of fun. You can take a bucket of golf balls and practice all day on your backyard green.

Curtis Iden | 03/01/15

You can usually take golf lessons at your local golf course and then practice putting at home.

Ashley Liakas | 03/01/15

If you want a fountain in the middle of your backyard putting green, we can allow for that in our putting green design.

Carla Spivack | 02/28/15

Professional golfers will tell you that your short game is the most important part of golfing. Your kids will love playing on synthetic turf putting greens.

Adrian Diaz | 02/28/15

Putting with your kids is a great way to have fun.

Andrew Wood | 02/27/15

A good putter is something all golfers need.

Beverly Hill | 02/25/15

We can include a synthetic playground for your kids when we install your synthetic turf putting green.

Georgetta Traver | 02/23/15

If you want to be sure to practice chipping, we can include a chipping pad made of artificial grass in your putting green design.

Francis Pagurko | 02/21/15

Your friends will be jealous when you show them your new backyard putting green.

Gail Purvis | 02/20/15

If you practice putting every day on your own artificial grass putting green, you will have a better chance to golf like a PGA pro.

Donna Starr | 02/19/15

If you golf but you can't get out of the sand traps, you need a sand trap in your backyard to practice on.

Blair Zamacona | 02/19/15

Practicing your putting every day is the way to become a better golfer. A backyard putting green is probably the most useful tool for any golfer.

Diana Thompson | 02/18/15

Being a good golfer comes down to how good you can putt.

Beatriz Cadiz | 02/18/15

We can install a synthetic turf putting green complete with undulations and a sand trap for you.

Christa Jahnke | 02/18/15

If you aim at the hole and still can't make the putt, you may need some golf lessons.

Anthony Patterson | 02/18/15

Hitting the golf ball into the hole is not always as easy as it may seem.

Charlotte Hess | 02/18/15

If you love to play golf, you need to practice every day to improve your golf score.

Daisy Sanchez | 02/18/15

If you want to be a PGA golf pro, you need to have a synthetic putting green in your backyard. If you have a large yard, we can install a synthetic turf mini putt golf course in your yard.

Blanca Medina | 02/17/15

If you can't putt with consistency, you need a synthetic turf golf green in your yard so you can practice more. We have many different styles of artificial grass.

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