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Amy Stahl | 07/27/14

If you can't sink a putt from one foot from the hole, you need a backyard putting green to practice on every day.

Evelyn Rodriguez | 07/26/14

If you love to play golf, you need to practice every day to improve your golf score. Hitting the golf ball into the hole is the most important part of your golf game.

Chris Schmitt | 07/24/14

A good putter is something all golfers need. We can install a synthetic turf putting green complete with undulations and a sand trap for you.

David Taysom | 07/24/14

Imagine the money you'll save driving to the golf course if you have a putting green in your backyard.

Chris Vanooteghem | 07/24/14

Professional golfers will tell you that your short game is the most important part of golfing. Not being able to get the golf ball in the hole will hurt your golf score.

Freida Morgan | 07/23/14

If you only golf a few times a year, you won't get to be a better golfer.

Bennett Family | 07/21/14

Golfing with friends in your own backyard is a great thing to do.

Donna Strider | 07/21/14

They say practice makes perfect and that is very true when it comes to golf putting.

Amy Cisneros | 07/20/14

You can design the shape of your backyard putting green to go around other landscape features.

Charles Walker | 07/19/14

Being a good golfer comes down to how good you can putt.

Brian Tanttu | 07/18/14

If you golf but you can't get out of the sand traps, you need a sand trap in your backyard to practice on. We can include a synthetic playground for your kids when we install your synthetic turf putting green.

Cass Everitt | 07/18/14

If you can't putt with consistency, you need a synthetic turf golf green in your yard so you can practice more.

Cheryl Milosch | 07/18/14

Hitting the golf ball into the hole is not always as easy as it may seem.

Carol Selke | 07/16/14

If you want to be sure to practice chipping, we can include a chipping pad made of artificial grass in your putting green design.

Denise Shearer | 07/16/14

When you have a synthetic backyard putting green, you can practice your stance every day.

Betty Smith | 07/16/14

A backyard putting green is probably the most useful tool for any golfer.

Delene Stuart | 07/15/14

If you have a small yard, we can install a small backyard putting green for you. Practicing your putting every day is the way to become a better golfer.

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